Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Congress is in the peril due to haphazard control that it shows in its regime of two session of the parliament. It is due to that reason that the social society has to come up for the cause of the Indian sovereignty and to eradicate the big and horrendous corruption which has sticks in the Indian economy that it is very much hard to eradicate it. However we can not eradicate it fully as become cancer and seems to be incurable. But some sort of  treatment should be urgently given so that we can give some relief to our country.

Social activist are on a boom as the public has no other option as all the parties and politicians are seems to be corrupt and inculpate in one or other criminal cases so it is very hard to trust anybody. With the arising of campaign like India Against Corruption supported earlier by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal with their social conscious team and with the help of youth of India it become as a substitute for the politics as some one in this country has the guts in this country to come up as a volunteer left the lucrative job with the potential to earn crores of money the help of big bogus of the society but he did not he is a man of words and actions. Arvind Kejriwal is seen  by today youth and the middle class Indians as a potential substitute in the country like India where there is urgent need for the potential candidates who are educated and one of the best brains of India. He is the man who is an IITian and an earlier IAS officer whose priority is not money and power but social upliftment of the society and eradicate corruption. We all must support the bud of the prosperous Indian society and to increase further dilemma of congress as it has  become as an agent of the foreign hands whose objective is to loot as much as you can from India. 

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