Thursday, 4 October 2012


As trade with Australia will increase to USD 42 Billion in the coming 4 years according to the surveys it is going to be a benchmark for both the countries to increase bilateral trade. Indians are continuously buying coal and copper mines in Australia shows the interest of Indian businessman towards Australia. India is the ampler importer of gold, coal, copper, wool from Australia and in future uranium. In return India is exporting gems and jewellery, chemicals, leather and agricultural products to Australia.

Indian are very elicited to invest in properties such as in hotels and mining field which resulted around AUD 80 Billion foreign direct investment in Australia from India. In order to increase investment Australian government do modification in the visa policy for the people who invest more than 5 million dollars. Thus exited  rich Indians are headed towards investing in real estate, hotels, mines in the resource rich Australia.

Gautam Adani, of Adani Power Gujrat  buys 2 billion dollar coal mine in Queensland, Australia astonished business veterans by acquiring capabilities of Indians. Both the countries are optimistic to the future of bilateral trade between the two countries which will result into amend mutual corporation and better understandings.

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