Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Financial Prevue

In the last month there is huge fiscal deficit in the country which blazes the inflation rate thus common Indian suffers. The thing which hurt the most to common man are the big black coal-gate which helps them to clean their teeth so they can smile disgracefully in parliament. If I continue with politics there is no end so i better stop talking about politics and find analysis of this scams on the morale of the economy.

Business and politics go hand in hand, in order to get big tenders tycoons have to make connections with the politicians and they invite them at the alluring parties where the Quisling happens. It is good for the economy if both the nerd and the lerd work together for the uplift of economy. But we see a different picture as they together ready monster bite to the cuckoo society who still praise them as of same caste or community.

Countries like (Philippians, Taiwan  South Korea)  of the second world already began processing the money that flows in the world by opening their economy and their pertained leaders self talk with the MNC to start ventures and invest in their countries. They are concerned for the future of the their citizens as both the tycoons and leaders are working together. Their goal is pertinent and seems optimistic.

Today while reading the book "The World Is Flat" by Thomas L. Friedman i realized that in the previous our country economy boom is due to service sector or we say "Outsourcing" for which Americans are beating their stomach hard paramount by the belief the their jobs are loosing but the fact is that their exports of communication instrument and other technical items increase to 5 Billion from 1.2 Billion. Now ask Mr. Obama who is the real player. They are very cunning businessman so we have to keep vigil and analyse the mystifying concepts of business.

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