Tuesday, 2 October 2012


FDI in retail is a boon or imprecation???? Big question. Why Rangarajan PMO adviser suggest FDI  to PM? These are the some question whose detail one should know and think over it. As government allows 49% foreign direct investment in retail and 51% in the smearing aviation sector to which Indian economist and industrialist say a boon for India and to the farmer according to them get dearer prices of their yields.

It is a two way perception as analytically it is a vantage for the rich and  curse for the common man as big barons like Bharti, Mittals, Jaypee will collaborate with the avaricious behemoths. Who already tossed the mega plan to capture the market. In this battle what will be the hereafter of the C class society, it is engrossing to find that their fate will remain same as now also they been exploited and will continue in the future. Only the exploitation becomes in the organised forms.

As research in the retail market shows that Indian total retail market is around is Rs 12,781 Billion. Out of which food and beverages sums up a whopping of 74%. So you are not too dopey to analyse that the sword is clinging around the local kirana stores and wayside food zones. So be ready for the open butcher.

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