Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Indians love gold. So what's wrong in it? Why so much hassle? Government blame it for the fiscal deficit but the question is does it really matters. It is the most appropriate way of saving as considered safe zone after property. It increases safe feeling for the safe players who rejects the share market as the playing field.

Remember Warren Buffe who says capitalism provide everybody opportunity to become rags to riches but if
he bluff enough to take risk. Indians mentality is medieval so are there earning rate. Take the example of Japanese mostly every employee is involved in share trading which usher prosperity to the citizens. There is a wide need of awareness among Indians to rethink one's way of dealing with market.

So govt increase of 2% duty on gold imports is appropriate but increases the fear of gold smuggling by the mafias and underworld which is seeming it as a good business. Govt should encourage gold loans to bring the money back to the market. Mannapuram and Muthoot Finance are doing good work and generate confidence among general dwellers to reinvest the money.

It is mandatory to stop black money transformation into gold which is dumped somewhere as forgotten for years which will blick the money flowing an reduce liquidity in the market. It also increases pressure on the RBI to maintain and control money flow.

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